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Why Visibility is the Holy Grail for IT Monitoring

Three months into my tenure at Opsview and each day I learn something new about our customers, marketplace, and solutions. But I’m horrified to learn that in many IT organizations the basic principles of monitoring an IT infrastructure are still not being followed. Fail to succeed in today’s fast-moving business environment and, before long, your competitors will be circling to steal your customers and market share. 

It doesn’t matter what generation you belong to, there’s very little brand loyalty when it comes to being unable to access online services. The consumerization of IT, our demand to be connected to the web as and when we like, is driving the business world too. We’re not afraid to jump ship to another online provider if our preferred suppliers are not able to meet our needs. Digital speed is of the essence and just a few minutes of downtime can impact your customer’s experience, their loyalty, and your revenue! 

Over the years, tool sprawl and IT silos have made effective IT monitoring incredibly difficult. The value of visibility is in enabling IT teams to learn how certain activities impact performance, so they know where the bottle-necks are that could delay projects or cause outages. Visibility also helps organizations to take preventative actions by spotting the patterns that precede a failure - thus reducing downtime and costs. Effective monitoring driven by good visibility may also help security teams to detect patterns that could indicate malicious activity on the network. 

IT teams are under constant pressure to do more with less, embark on Digital Transformation projects and support Business Services - but they shouldn’t forget about the basics. Visibility is central to the customer experience and more broadly ensure teams are not continually firefighting, meaning that you can focus on the more strategic projects and innovation. 

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Read Why Visibility is the Holy Grail for IT Monitoring

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